At SEGMX we have an ecological dredging equipment suitable for work in tanks, pits and lagoons of any size, consisting of a floating raft, whose articulated arm extracts sludge from the bottom without damaging the waterproofing and without the need to empty and stop the activity of the lagoons or dams.


The only dredger of its kind, it is certified for: Equipment and protection systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

This machine operates by remote control from the edge of the basin, which, together with the aforementioned characteristics, makes it possible to carry out the cleaning work without the need to stop and/or empty the basins, and without the safety of the cleaning personnel. cleanliness is compromised in no time.

The equipment does not produce turbidity in the water, it is a device capable of working in places where a silent treatment is required.

SEGMX’s commitment to the Safety and Health of its workers together with specialized radio control management allows the possibility of working in dangerous atmospheric environments that it has working in flammable areas classified as zone I.


The commitment to Quality and the Environment makes us bet on sustainable growth and development, minimizing the environmental impact and increasing the safety of its workers in the extraction work.

Our ecological dredger activated by radio control does not generate any type of turbidity, it allows the emptying of the existing sludge at the bottom of industrial and mining ponds, marinas, canals, etc… transferring the waste by means of pumping to the head of our facilities to be treated. in the quietest and cleanest way.Minimization of waste, ease and reduction of transport costs, filtering quality.

Water: maximum possible recovery. Reliable recovery equipment, easy to maintain and maintain. 60% moisture extraction. Innovation and Technology at the service of on-site water treatment.


Our system consists of a floating raft whose articulated arm extracts the sludge from the bottom without the need to stop the surrounding activity.

Their ease of loading and transport, as well as their compact structure and easily adaptable to small spaces or existing installations, make them a practical and economical solution for replacing damaged equipment or installations.

No matter how hard and mineralized the sludge is, its high power extracts and transports it easily without causing damage to waterproofing and pit shells.

The fact of eliminating risks together with its high extraction capacity means that work and extraction times are considerably reduced.

Its high extraction capacity (63 m3/h) makes it the ideal coupling to our filtering and drying systems, forming a team capable of facing the most difficult jobs with reliability, safety and economy.

Its application is effective in the emptying of pits and lagoons of refineries, mining facilities, water treatment plants or any industrial process.


Filter presses can dehydrate sludge by compacting it until it reaches 15% by weight of the extracted volume.

Filtration is effective in treating heavy metals, semi-volatile organic compounds, cyanides, among others.